Week 27 – As Broad as I was Walking

John Johnson and his wife on their golden wedding anniversary c.1940  - photo by George Garland of Petworth, from the Copper Family website

photo c. 1940 by George Garland of Petworth, from the Copper Family website

Bob Copper’s book Songs and Southern Breezes tells, in his usual easy, good-natured style, of his time in the 1950s running a pub in Hampshire, whilst working as a song collector for the BBC. Bob paints vivid pen-portraits of the rustic characters from whom he collected songs, and the book includes transcriptions of some of these songs. There’s one group of songs, however, which came via a slightly different route, the singer – John Johnson of Fittleworth – having died some years before Bob arrived in the area.

Fortunately Mr Johnson had written out the words of his songs in a book, and his daughter Mrs Gladys Stone, and son John were still able to remember the tunes. This one was recorded from John Johnson junior at Reigate in Surrey.

You can find the words on the Copper Family website.

As Broad as I was Walking

2 Responses to “Week 27 – As Broad as I was Walking”

  1. This song has now been reclassified as Roud 23793 – see The Banks of Sweet Mossen


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