Thanks for help and inspiration to:

Shirley Collins; Bob Copper; Martin Carthy; John Kirkpatrick; John Jones; Nic Jones; Mike, Lal and Norma Waterson; Dave Townsend; Caroline Jackson-Houlston; Malcolm Taylor and the staff of the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library; George Frampton; Mike Yates; Roy Palmer; Ian Russell; Doc Rowe; Topic Records; Charlie Bridger; Fred Jordan; Walter Pardon; Mike Eaton; Beryl and Trevor Eaton; Adrian Russell; Chris Wood; Graham Metcalfe.

and to Jon Boden for the idea behind this site,

8 Comments to “Thanks”

  1. Andy, I can’t believe you have done me and my parents the honour of a mention on your *superb* blog. I will let my Dad know. My Mum would have been tickled pink. Often think of the musical adolescence you and I shared – no better way to get through the teenage years… singing in the car coming back from the beach, wassailing, bobo and sue, Peter Graves’ 18th, “morning sheep” … all worth remembering…

    Keep singing!

  2. Well the Eaton family played a big part in my musical development. It was your Dad’s LP that got me started, and then your Mum bought the Copper Family LP for your birthday – that was our repertoire sorted! And I have very fond memories of all those times we sang together. Remember that German bloke who drove us to a shopping mall in Gillingham to busk all day? I’d almost forgotten Peter Graves’ 18th – at least I remembered singing in that hall, but had completely forgotten what the event was. One of the few times all of Gomenwudu managed to all be in the same place at the same time: we actually got to sing New Day. Ah happy times.

    Glad you like the blog. It keeps me off the streets…

  3. Why won’t this play any more?

  4. I love your songs and wanted to use Sovay for a children’s ebook I am writing. It’s based on the life of Louie Hooper who I think is a telative of mine.
    May I use it, and if so, what would you like in return.
    Yours sincerely
    Katy Attwater (Hooper)

  5. Dear Andy – for literally half my increasingly advanced life I have been searching for a recording of Long Looked For, Come at Last, ever since I heard Tony Rose sing it on Folk on Two. Thank you so much for yours! It’s lovely.

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