Six months in – what do you think of the show so far?

So, six months in, I thought I’d have a quick review of the blog so far.

  • I’ve posted 29 songs, although one of those was only 30 seconds long.
  • I’ve classified 13 songs so far under  Love Sex & Courtship and 5 under  Crime & punishment. There have also been 6 carols
  • Only 3 songs so far from the  Copper Family, so plenty more to come from that source; another 3 from  George Maynard and four from members of the Willett Family.
  • Only 1 modern song, all the rest have been traditional. And of those traditional songs, 2 were Irish, all the others English – and pretty much all Southern English, at that (in fact all of them, I think, from the Southern half of England).

Thanks to my wife Carol and son Joe for joining me on a few of the songs – must do some more of that.

I have to say that, if anything, I’m now even more in awe of Jon Boden for managing to keep up A Folk Song A Day all through last year. A quick search suggests that few of the songs I’ve sung so far appeared on Jon’s blog; only these:

Not sure that proves anything, except there are clearly more than 365 folk songs out there!


Finally, a shout out to the other “Folk Song A Week” ventures: Phil Edwards’  52 Folk Songs, and A Liverpool Folk Song A Week from “robotforaday”. It’s fun, isn’t it?

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