Solo gig alert – Lewes Saturday Folk Club

I’m playing a rare solo gig this coming Saturday, 18th February 2023.

I’ll be at the Lewes Saturday Folk Club, which meets at the Elephant and Castle, White Hill, Lewes, East Sussex BN7 2DJ.

See for details.


I was originally due to play there in March 2020, but something cropped up…

I’ll be doing the usual mix of mostly traditional, mostly English, songs – some unaccompanied, some with concertina accompaniment – and tunes. There will be some material which I definitely would have performed in 2020, had COVID not intervened; but also some newer songs and tunes which I’ve learned since then and, probably, one song which hasn’t even been posted up on this blog yet.

Folk club organiser Valmai Goodyear writes

Andy Turner performs English traditional songs & tunes with grace & zest, with Anglo concertina & melodeon. He’s a member of Oxfordshire group Magpie Lane & the dance bands Geckoes & Chameleons. He works in a duo with fiddler Mat Green & has also worked with Chris Wood, the Oyster Band & the Mellstock Band.
Andy will give us two forty-five minute spots and the rest of the evening is filled by members of the audience performing a song or tune if they wish.
Everyone is welcome, especially if you’d like to sing or play. We mostly sing and play traditional music from the British Isles, but we enjoy other styles as well. We always start off with some English dance tunes for anyone with an instrument to join in.
We have a loyalty card. Six visits earn you £5 off an evening when admission is £6 or more. It’s £10 tonight. Bring the right money in cash on the night.

If that sounds like your cup of tea, and you live within striking distance of Lewes, then why not come along? If nothing else, it’s a Harveys pub, so the beer is guaranteed to be of the highest standard.

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