Week 241 – Do Me Ama

One of the good things about maintaining this blog is that it’s made me remember songs which I used to sing thirty or even forty years ago, and which I have neglected – often unfairly – for twenty or thirty years, or maybe even longer.

This is one such. I first heard it in the late 1970s on the 1967 LP Byker Hill by Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick. Martin’s sleevenotes to the LP say

It is, incidentally, the only song I have ever learned on one hearing only (without the aid of tape-recorder or pencil and paper).

He doesn’t say who he got it from, but I should think there’s a strong likelihood that it was Bert Lloyd.

I can’t claim to have learned the song at one hearing, but I think I did just absorb the words back in the seventies, rather than having to write them down and learn them. I sang it around the house at the time, then forgot about it until a few weeks ago – at which point, again, I was able to recall the words without recourse to printed (or online) versions. Having revived the song, I’m now planning not to forget about it again.

Do Me Ama

4 Responses to “Week 241 – Do Me Ama”

  1. Hi Andy, Martin Carthy added in the sleevenotes of Straws in the Wind: “The words come from a friend called Neville—who refused to let me have the song in 1958 but whose entire rendition I remembered at home later that night as I sat furious with my guitar in bed: furious because of his refusal to part with the words.”

  2. Words very similar to ‘Jack in London City’ Fiddler’s Dram used to sing, recorded on TO SEE THE PLAY, and recently released as FIDDLER’S DRAM ANTHOLOGY as a digital download on Amazon – gods, but that brings back so many great memories of what Dixie and I started as the Hernia Bay Folk Club and metamorphosed – via a number of venues – into Duke’s Folk.We used to dance to their tune in Oyster Morris, if I remember rightly


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