At Christmas play and make good cheer…

At Christmas play and make good cheer,
For Christmas comes but once a year.

Thomas Tusser, A Hundred Points of Good Husbandry (1557)

This is the fifth Christmas season since I began A Folk Song A Week. For those who have only discovered the blog more recently or, indeed, for anyone who fancies a quick recap, here’s a list of all the songs I’ve posted in previous Advent and Christmas seasons:

Week 15 – One Cold Morning in December / The Drunkard and the Pig

Week 16 – Have you not heard / The man that lives

Week 17 – The Holly and the Ivy / Christmas now is drawing near at hand

Week 18 – The Sussex Carol

Week 19 – The Moon Shines Bright

Week 67 – Lazarus

Week 68 – Lo! The Eastern Sages Rise / Hark Hark What News

Week 69 – This is the truth sent from above

Week 70 – The Boar’s Head Carol / Babes in the Wood / The King

Week 71 – The Gower Wassail

Week 119 – The Seven Joys of Mary

Week 120 – The Shepherds Amazed

Week 121 – Saint Stephen / Rejoice and be Merry

Week 122 – Hymn for Christmas Day / Sellwood Mollineux’ Carol / Newton’s Double

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