Week 52 – The Crockery Ware

Here is my 52nd weekly post – completing the first year of the blog =coinciding with the week in which I reach the grand old age of 52. It’s almost as if I’d planned it all (I didn’t).

I learned this song from Roy Palmer’s Everyman’s Book of English Country Songs. It was recorded in 1976 by Mike Yates, from Fred Cottenham, at Chiddingstone in Kent. Mike mistakenly gave the singer’s name as “Fred Cottingham”, and this was repeated both in Roy’s book, and when the recording was included on the Veteran Tapes cassette The Horkey Load Volume 1. However Fred’s surname was definitely Cottenham: you can read about his life, and his singing father “Needle” Cottenham, in an article by George Frampton for Musical Traditions – Fred Cottenham: The ‘Crockery Ware’ Man.

The “crockery ware” referred to in this song, incidentally, is the chamber pot, aka the gazunder.

The Crockery Ware - ballad from the Bodleian collection

The Crockery Ware – ballad from the Bodleian collection

The Crockery Ware

10 Comments to “Week 52 – The Crockery Ware”

  1. Sorry not clear enough to catch many of the words – too many voices singing at once.

  2. Sorry? There;s only me. And only one of me at that. I make no special claims for my diction, but if you’re hearing more than one voice singing on this track, I think there must be a technical problem at your end.

    • Are you starting again with a Week 1? I have only joined recently and have enjoyed listening to your songs so hope there is more to come. I believe that Grace could be right about pressing the start button twice. I have not quite got the hand of it yet.

  3. Thanks for your quick response which was quite unexpected I must add. I will give it another go and see what transpires.

  4. Have listened again – much clearer and only your voice Andy – I assure you that the first time I played same it was a jumble of voices – must have been some problem at my end which I have not experienced before. An amusing song anyway.

  5. Happy Birthday, Andy. I’ve always loved The Crockery Ware.

    Diana- maybe you pressed the start button twice, so you had overlapping audio.

  6. Well Andy……..you have tickled and old man pink today………..I listened to Crockery Ware…..good diction as usual.
    then followed your link to Fred Cottenham…….Blow me down….one of Fred’s songs ‘Violets are Blue-Roses are red’…I learned that back in 1950 from one of my dad’s old 78s and sang it (aged 12) at a school concert along with ‘Leeds owd Church’…much to the angst of the headmaster……….it was worth the detentions..
    keep up the good work….I must put it on my youtube site ASAP

  7. For hand read hang – my usual typing error.

  8. Diana – 52 is just the start! I reckon I’ve got enough songs for another year or two.

  9. That’s great Andy – look forward to hearing them.

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