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February 25, 2020

Attention Google Chrome users

Update 8th March: see

If you are visiting this blog using the latest version of Google Chrome (version 80) then I’m afraid you’ll find that you can no longer play any of the embedded recordings.

That’s because Google have brought in added security controls which – unless you change your browser settings – prevent you from playing media files embedded from another website, if that other website is not a secure https site. At the moment the audio files displayed here actually reside on the Magpie Lane website, We’ve never thought it worthwhile to pay the extra cost to make our site https, as (unusually these days) we don’t use cookies, or collect any information from our website visitors. Our ‘Shop’ pages take you off to Paypal, which of course is a secure site, and our mailing list sign-up is handled by Mailchimp, again a secure site.

I actually knew this change was coming – and actually it’s a good thing for internet users – but unfortunately, because the Magpie Lane site doesn’t use cookies, I hadn’t cottoned onto the fact that it was going to make this site useless for a lot of visitors. Silly me.

I’m looking into the options for the audio files here. Whatever option I take, it’s going to involve editing the embed code on over 300 blog posts, so won’t be a quick process.

In the meantime, you can of course use Firefox or MS Edge to visit this site – the recordings should still play in those browsers.

And I think I may have found a way of addressing the issue. The audio below should play, even in the latest version of Chrome.

Country Life

(originally posted in Week 287 – Country Life)