Theirs is a land with a wall around it, and mine is a faith in my fellow man

Thank you Cameron, thank you Farage, thank you Johnson, thank you Murdoch. And while I’m at it, thank you Thatcher, who made it acceptable to put private gain above public good, who destroyed British manufacturing industry and treated its workers with contempt, and who pretended that there’s no such thing as society. Between you, you have produced a political, economic and social crisis from which, right now, I can’t see how we’re going to recover.

And, whether they meant to or not, the Brexiteers have stirred up a dangerous level of racial hatred. They kept saying “take back control” and now every racist halfwit in the country thinks it’s OK to hurl abuse at immigrants (of whatever skin colour) and people with darker skin (wherever they come from). Someone I know was racially abused in the center of Didcot the other day, and told to “go back home”. Such abuse is unacceptable in any situation, but it was ironic in this case, as the person being abused has lived all her life in the UK, and if she were to “go back where she came from” I seem to remember that wouldn’t actually take her any further than Luton.

I’m not much of an activist, but we must all do what we can to stand up against intolerance of every kind.

And email your MP – whether you’ve ever voted for them or not – to tell them what you think. Remind them that Britain is a parliamentary democracy and, if we do start the process of leaving the EU, it’s Parliament that has to approve this absurd course of action.

In fact, Parliament probably has to pass a new Act before the government can invoke Article 50.

I’ll stop now, before I start swearing. Again.

Sweet moderation
Heart of this nation
Desert us not

5 Comments to “Theirs is a land with a wall around it, and mine is a faith in my fellow man”

  1. Well said, Andy. Very apposite quotes

  2. Thanks Andy for these fine sentiments – I’m suprised there aren’t more comments.

    • Adrian I thought you’d be feeling pretty down about everything that’s happened this last week or so. I considered ringing you, but decided that we’d both be as miserable as each other, so maybe it was best to leave it for a while. I can’t find anything very positive to say right now about the state this country finds itself in.

  3. A few hot sunny days (such as one might expect at this time of the year) would help !

  4. A bit late but I remembered something relevant to the referendum “debate” and the weather. Sent it in a letter to the Guardian but I don’t think they’ll publish!
    “…the spring, the summer,
    The childing autumn, angry winter, change
    Their wonted liveries, and the mazed world,
    By their increase, knows not which is which.
    And this same progeny of evils comes
    From our debate, from our dissension”
    A Midsummer Nights Dream, or in our case Nightmare!

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