Week 143 – The Seeds of Love

Famously, the very first folk song that Cecil Sharp collected was from the almost suspiciously aptly named Somerset gardener, John England. This is not John England’s version however, it’s from the great Pop Maynard. The song was included on the Topic LP You Subjects of England.

When Radio 2 launched their Folk Hall of Fame earlier this year, with Cecil Sharp as the first inductee, I was very pleased to find that Magpie Lane’s recording of ‘The Seeds of Love’ (from our Jack-in-the-Green CD) was included on their Cecil Sharp Playlist.

I concocted that arrangement sitting at the piano (an instrument I’ve never actually been able to play) a few days after the birth of my daughter in July 1996. With a new-born baby in the house, I assume I must have had my foot even more firmly on the soft-pedal than usual.

Below you will find a recording of me singing the song solo, and a recording of Magpie Lane performing it in Bampton Church last September.

The Seeds of Love 

Andy Turner – vocal


Magpie Lane: Sophie Thurman, Ian Giles, Andy Turner, Jon Fletcher, Mat Green – vocals

Recorded in concert, Bampton Church, Oxfordshire, September 2013 (thanks to Jeff Dando for live sound mixing).

3 Comments to “Week 143 – The Seeds of Love”

  1. Hello my name is Karen Redding pop Maynard was my great uncle on my mums side. It so lovely to hear his voice as he died when I was only 2years old thank you for keeping his an others memories alive.

  2. If you go to https://sounds.bl.uk/ and search for George Maynard, you’ll find loads of recordings of him from the 50s and 60s. Also some wonderful photos e.g. https://sounds.bl.uk/World-and-traditional-music/Peter-Kennedy-Collection/025M-MSMUS1771X1X-0195V0
    And he’s on Spotify of course – https://open.spotify.com/artist/4SUoFgvqiArv71BoIJo1wg

    All the best

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